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Txori's Quixotic Soft

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Dołączył: 22 Maj 2013
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PostWysłany: Pią 9:48, 24 Sty 2014    Temat postu: Txori's Quixotic Soft

Txori's Quixotic Soft
Txakoli, kalimotxo, boquerones txepetxa. While few Seattleites speak the language of Spain's Pais Vasco, no one seemed to have a problem devouring these Basque tonguetwisters at Txori's friends family trial run Saturday night in Belltown. Txori, meaning "bird" in Basque, is the fledgling offspring of The Harvest Vinethink what Mario Batali's NYC Bar Jamon is to Casa Mono (only bigger more regionally focused.) And amidst a crowd of freeloading fans packed in tight as a tin of San Sebastian sardines, the smell of success olive oil sizzling on the grill gave off an inherently festive (albeit authentically smoky) air as soon as we swung open Txori's rodiron gate pushed into the fold.
After squeezing into the enchantingly urbanized oldworld bar areathe culinary engine of Txorihostess Carolin Messier de Jimenez quickly welcomed us with aplomb then dashed down the narrow dining room, keeping her new flock of birds in a row. "This dish gets a side of bread!" Jimenez called out watching a bowl of salt cod going down solo on a table. "Silverware napkins too!" Well after all,[url=]michael kors pas cher[/url], this was a softopening as their email invitation made clearthe food was free, but our role was to be hungry guinea pigs as you want friends to outnumber critics the first night in your new nest.
It took fifteen or so minutes to secure a table after arriving for our 9:30 reservation, but that worked to our favor as parking in Belltown is a b%h on a Saturday night just as Ken had resigned himself to paying for parking , a benevolent hipster in an Audi passed her validation ticket to him upon leaving her spot. Thank goodness for random acts of kindness because no sooner than I said, "There he is!" Carolin whisked us to an available twotop. "You got lucky," she quipped, shouting behind her shoulder. "Very lucky."
With many familiar faces in the house including Tavolata's Ethan Stowell (pictured next to proprietor Joseba Jimenez de JimenezSeattle's 'other' chef in the hat), it seemed natural to glance upon our neighbor's incoming fleet of pintxo's (the local term for tapas in the Pais Vasco) take note of nottomiss items. Some of my best meals in Europe have been the result of such "I'll have what they're having!" ogling heck, I've always got a roving eye in restaurants that drifts, dodges to other tables most likely drives my husband crazy while conducting a dinner conversation. Hey, if I'm paying, I'm looking I guess in this case that applies even if the food is on the house!
So by all means, let's get to the heart of the matterthe food. Expect traditional small bites with some surprises, and I do mean bites as there was a rarely a dish that two mouths could realistically share without firstdibs envy (how does one halve an inkembalmed squid gracefully with your incisors?) But as the portions were free perhaps downsized in instances for the opening, I can't yet advise on how many of each to orderif this is your dinner destination, it might be a long night with a boozefueled tab.
The best ( intended) purpose of the place is to graze get on with it which is the preferred way to eat in Spain. But with how folks in Seattle tend to hunker down for hours over a double espresso, only time will tell if this idea catches on. For those of you that live in a walkable radius for a postwork pickmeup pintxoI hate you. As for us mortgagepaying Southendersthank god for taco trucks.
pulpo da feira $3 How on earth do these guys get a gnarly octopus to be so tender? The topnotch lagrima olive oil imported by none other than Classical Wines of Spain they use begs for to be sopped up, so order something that comes with bread before this comes to your table!
tartaleta de champinones $2.50 Our neighbors raved about the tart crust since I'm wild about mushrooms, this is one of the first dishes I had to order. The menu description includes jamonnot sure I picked up on that. Perhaps a dish for pastry lovers.
calamares en su tinta $4.25 While you can hardly see this jet black jewel, this was my "it dish" (click on it to get a better picturelighting was dim), while Ken I shared many a pintxo Saturday night, this was one I couldn't split. If I had to think about it too much, the velvety ink that ensconced this squid beak might have made this former vegetarian rather squeamish, but this was two bites of heaven that went right down the hatch with a glass of cold txakoli. Salud, indeed!
chorizo con chocolate $2.25 While these 'wings' of chorizo with chocolate shavings may not have been photogenic, the taste was heavenly indeed. We ordered two rounds because they were so goodone came hot, the other not. I hope the chefs go with the former as the combination was an unexpected delight.
Pan tomaquet y pernil $3.50 Comforting homey, but always hard for me to order in a restaurant if I have the basic ingredients on hand. Good for improving your chances with a state trooper on your way home if you've been drinking other places in Belltown. More heart friendly than a latenight Dick's pickmeup by far.
Albondigas (price ?) This was one of the few specials off the chalkboard available at our 9:30 seating one of my favorites. No notes on this one, just big sloppy grins from both sides of the table.
barquitos y traineras $2.75 It's hard to resist the idea of ordering a puddle of melted cheese when you have a few drinks in ya. After carefully accumulating a sly stash of baguette rounds from other dishes, we chose this as our final order before hitting the road but would have a hard time recommending you do the same. Tetilla is the creamy cheese seen throughout markets in Galicia, while I love it on its own or in other applications, the sweet sauce formed an overwhelming moat that reminded me of Spaghettio's. Sorry guys, the one dish I really didn't care for.
All in all, a quixotic evening that left me inspired hungry for my next visit. Thank you, Txori! And do as the Spaniard's dothrow your napkins to the wind. They love you for littering. Where else on the west coast can you say that still feel good about yourself?
Ahhhh Bon! We of the "back of beyond" school of cuizeene can uze all the help we can curry from such magnifique chefs as you two. Recently we had Laksa Thai chez nous to be precise last Sunday we added the fish sauce to each bowl as we had a Vegan in attendence.
Right now we are dressed up and ready to brain burn the Calogero Partygoers some of whom have been trying to figure out what We (Ms. G et al) will be wearing. Well, we took some pix so we can share with you. But, it different!

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Autor Wiadomość

Dołączył: 06 Lis 2013
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Skąd: England

PostWysłany: Czw 10:01, 30 Sty 2014    Temat postu:

multi cold air forms the superposition effect
cold air can be so powerful? Meteorological experts explained,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the strong cold air from Mongolia's massive south,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because there is no air resistance, almost the boundless plain, a thousand li a day. From the cooling rate, although not particularly severe, but due to the recent cold air come one after another, leads to the low temperature,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the cooling effect of the superposition of the formation, resulting in our province in the late autumn of November as winter cold. Meteorological data shows,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 2010 to November, Fuzhou has not been below 10 ℃ records.
2 pages page 12
7 will now morning frost
is expected to have a cream or frost, Nanping, Sanming,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Ningde, Longyan four city and northwest Fuzhou, Northwestern Quanzhou, northern Zhangzhou,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], where the high altitude mountain ice. Provincial Meteorological Station yesterday issued at the same time, cool blue signal and frost blue signal.
meteorological experts said, the strong cold air influence period, our province on the low temperature drop large areas of up to 6~8 ℃, the local more than 8 ℃.
November 28th hearing (channel Metropolis Daily reporter Cai Zhenjin) is expected in the next four days, Rongcheng continuous low temperature below 10 ℃. Yesterday,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the cold air "vanguard" has arrived in Fujian, but the temperature drop is not obvious,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the temperature today and tomorrow I will appear obvious decline, as the winter cold late autumn. The reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, this does not see more in the year of November.
from Fuzhou, the next four days,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the city will be in the morning the temperature below 10 ℃, especially the day after tomorrow,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the city is only 6 ℃, inland and coastal north up to 2~5 ℃,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], high altitude mountain is below 1 ℃,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the drum is only 1 ℃.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

yesterday at five thirty in the afternoon, the reporters came to the two golden mountain tunnel on the west side of the road. From the tunnel about 200 meters, four lanes through the fence and into a lane, funnel-shaped tunnel become blocked. With the arrival of the rush hour traffic, from west to east direction, from the "funnel" into the viaduct in Doumen.

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